Greek Lasagna, Butternut Queso-dillas, and Pumpkin Sloppy Joes

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Did you know:

51% of annual weight gain happens between Thanksgiving and New Years? 

😱 😱 😱

Don’t fall into the trap of relying on willpower.

I’ve tried white knuckling my way through… 

...It didn’t go very well! 

Does this sound familiar?

“I do well on the weekdays, but by the time Friday rolled around I’m so exhausted I give up, and binge eat all weekend.”

That’s the white knuckling approach, and like me, you already know it doesn’t work. 

AND the Holidays make it even harder because there are a million more temptations everywhere… 

avoiding Halloween candy was hard enough, now there’s Christmas cookies and holiday parties and… 🙈
My willpower is gone by Wednesday.  

My solution, my holiday survival looks like this:

#1 Have a meal plan in place. Always.

#2 Ready-to-eat meals or groceries on hand. No excuses.

#3 Meals that are so good I WANT to eat them.

The only way I avoid temptation is by having a better alternative on hand that I truly want. 

I fight the fear of missing out with the fear of missing out! 

You definitely don’t want to miss this:   

California Drive-Thru Fries 

 California Drive-Thru Fries 

Put your plan in place RIGHT now to make eating healthy a reality this month.

This week’s meal plan is the perfect place to start! 

You too can fight temptation with temptation.

How excited will you be to eat these meals:

Greek Lasagna, Butternut Queso-dillas, and Pumpkin Sloppy Joes 

You already know you can’t rely on willpower alone.

White Knuckling it doesn’t work. 

Don’t stress yourself out and end up binging. 

Keep zen with good-for-you foods you won’t want to miss.

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