What Would You Do With 30 Extra Mins Today?

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Imagine what a difference 30 extra minutes would make. 

You could throw in a load of laundry, finally make that appointment, call your friend back, take a nap! 

Here's how you get those 30 minutes back: 
Stop "figuring out" what to eat every day.

Standing in front of fridge analyzing options, debating what you’re in the mood for, going back and forth about what you’ll eat (finding every option meh)... 

“Figuring it out” wastes more time than you realize. 


Stop “figuring it out” every day and let us help you.

Free yourself from having to wing it or plan it yourself. 

Preserve that time and energy for the million other things on your plate. 

Plus you know eating plant-based will make you more productive!! 

Your meals for next week are already planned out:

  • Baked Chimichangas 
  • Bahn Mi Sweet Potatoes (NEW!) 
  • Rainbow Soup
  • Pizza Pot Pie (NEW!) 
  • Firefly Sweet Potato Chowder 
  • Thai Curry Noodles 
  • Poppin’ Guacin’ Tacos 
  • Cinnamon Roll Crepes (NEW!) 
  • Kissing Kale Pasta

Baked Chimichangas (top left), Thai Noodles (top right), Rainbow Soup (bottom left), Guac Tacos (bottom right)

You’ll love the simplicity of these recipes and how fast they come together.

Having a meal plan = 7lessthings you have to do each week.

For once you could THRIVE inside the holiday madness!

Having a meal plan makes eating healthy happen all the time.

Not just on those few days you don’t feelzonked. 

Are you ready to take a break from "figuring it out" exhaustion?

If so, Meal Mentor can help.

You’ll get more done every day with a meal plan. 

Stop the daily food struggle.

THRIVE during the holidays instead of trying to survive them.    

This is the break you need. 

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