Rustic Minestrone, Good Greens and Gravy, and Torta Sliders

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Now that it's cooler out….

we're bringing back SOUPS!!

Delicious new soup recipes every week! Every plan!

Why eat soup? Soup has a high water content which means it’ll help hydrate and satisfy your appetite in a healthy way. 

A 2016 study revealed people who are well hydrated with soups are more satisfied with their meals and less likely to consume unnecessary calories.

Plus soups are cozy… comforting… warm you up.

This week’s soup: Rustic Minestrone 

The whole family will love this healthy, hearty soup!

Bring health-boosting soups back into your life.

Dinner tonight, take the rest in a thermos for lunch tomorrow.


Good Greens and Gravy (my #1 comfort food) is back this week! 

Along with member favorite Torta Sliders and Carnitas Chimichangas!

This plan also includes 3 HALLOWEEN Hits:

  • Peanut Pumpkin Noodles
  • Green Goblin Muffins (trick kids into eating spinach!)
  • Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake

The Butternut Flatbreads are fabulous for parties too!

P.S. these meals are a batch cookers dream if you’re a batcher! ALL of them only improve as they ‘marinate’ in your fridge. 

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