Cauliflower "Carnitas", Pineapple Whip, Thai Hummus

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If you’re anything like me summer can wreak havoc on your healthy
eating habits.

Vacations, cook-outs, and lazy days by the pool all scream for
ice cream, cocktails, mindless munching, and more “treats” than

This week combine carefree with self-care.

8 minutes toMexican Philly’s!

All the flavor of ballpark sandwiches but without the grease.

OMG, Pineapple Whip + Thai Hummus Dip to KICK sugar cravings.

Pineapple Whip (left) and Thai Hummus Dip (right)

Only 5 minutes to make both!

And can we just talk about this week's “Carnitas” (made from

plus the Buffalo Ranch Pockets and Sweet and Spicy Mango Wraps??

5 minutes to AWESOME. Yum. Satisfying—no junk!

You can also bring this Mykonos Green Bean Salad to any gathering
it’s impressive! PLUS bringing it will ensure you’ll have a
healthy meal to eat.

If you’ve been thinking:

“This isn’t how I normally eat. I need to get back on track.”

OR if your body is sending you loud and clear messages that it’s
not loving what you’ve been doing…

Reclaim your summer.

Download this week’s meal plan & start over fresh! 

You can take care of yourself and still have a great time this

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