My Father's Favorite Plant-Based Dish...

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First I want you to imagine drinking this: 

Banana Split Shake. 3-minute healthy breakfast or dessert! 

That isn’t my father’s #1 favorite dish, though. 

My Dad LOOOVES baked beans, especially in summer. 

When he first went vegan, he practically did a backflip when he discovered Bush’s Baked Beans were vegetarian…


This is my Dad eating a vegan big mac :) 

But then his doctor wanted him to reduce sodium…

He asked for a healthier version that was just as easy and while I was at it, could it include cornbread too? ;) 

8-minute Memphis Baked Beans for Dad <3

This recipe takes a massive shortcut using polenta instead of cornbread, but it’s just as good as “the real deal” and good for my Dad too!

If you want to go the extra mile and make cornbread, here’s my recipe.

Banana Split Shakes & Memphis Baked Beans are on the current meal plan.

Along with these excellent easy recipes: 

P.F. Changs Lettuce Wraps (8 minutes) 


Mediterranean Rice a cookout hit! 8 ingredients, 5 minutes


Basil Lovers Pasta Salad8 minutes

EZ Club Sandwiches—bacon flavored chickpeas,OMGG.



  • Buffalo “wing” Chickpea Bowl (8-min)
  • Microwave Enchiladas (5 min)
  • Black Bean & Sweet Corn Salad #1 potluck hit


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