10x10 (Ten 10-minute vegan recipes)

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Are you looking for something quick and easy for dinner tonight?

And all the nights this beautiful summer???

These meals are your answer!

10-minute recipes in the house!

Delicious, comes together SO fast.

They’ll be frequent meals for you, especially when it’s “too hot to cook.”

8 minutes from now you could be eating:

Ragin’ Cajun Wraps whisk dressing, mash beans, mix, done!

Mama Mia Italian Nachos—Zero cooking! Just assemble!

Spring Roll Noodles—no rolling, just eating! (10 minutes)

Thai Curry Rice. Steal the show on Memorial Day with this dish! (15 minutes)

Greek Tacos—Picnic perfect or ideal work week lunch (8 minutes)

Aaaannnddddd Wait for it….

These sandwiches will blow everyone’s mind:

Cool Ranch BBQ Sandwiches (5 minutes) They're insanely good!

You could stress over what to bring to the barbecue…

Or impress without stress!

Any of these meals will please the crowd and no one has to know you threw it together right before you walked out the door ;)

  • Good warm or cold.
  • Totally tote-able.
  • Pretty.
  • Damn delicious.
  • 10 minutes.

How much more will you relax if you know you’re all set?

Look forward to having the planning work done, out of the way.

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These 10 (10-minute) meals are included in this week's meal plan only.

Eat awesome in 10-minutes a day.

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