Summer Sanity (+ Recovering When Your Routine Goes out the Window)

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Does your routine fly out the window in summer?

Mine too.

Everything ends up in a free fall.

I often don’t know when I’ll have time to cook…

UNTIL it’s time to cook... and then I try wing it.

Improvising stresses me out.

That’s why this week’s meal plan includes “no effort” recipes!


No preparation. No planning. No batch cooking.

Simple, healthy recipes that use what you have on hand!

That’s the only way to recover when your routine is wacked.

You may not execute perfectly (leftover hot dog buns instead of tortillas? OK! Make it work!) but at least you’re still healthy :)

Here are the EZ meals you will be enjoying this week:

Feta’d Quinoa (5 minutes) the BEST vegan “feta” dressing!

Enchilada Cakes grownup version of pancakes for dinner ;)

Baconator PotatersOMGGG yes.(15 minutes)

Rainbow Flatbreads—Perfect poolside! (8 minutes)

Bringing the California beach vibes… Vegan Poke Bowl

Other simple “mix together” recipes included in this week’s plan:

  • Kung Pao Spaghetti
  • Tahitian Rice Bowls
  • BBQ Tops

And for Breakfast?

Tiramisu Shakes& 2-minute Blueberry Vegan Crepes!

You can have beach days, pool days, camping trips…

and still eat the way you want to with a little help from us.

Your family will LOVE all the food.

You’ll love the minimal effort.

You’ll be saying over and over, “I love how easy this has become.”

Simple healthy recipes for a simply healthy summer.

Let us do the planning this summer.

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