Your Summer BBQ Survival Guide 2017

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Memorial Day is next week, which means…


These next 3 months are an action-packed time of year and it’s easy to slip.

12 tips for surviving Summer temptations:

#1 Have a drink or dessert, not both.

#2 Survey the buffet and all your options BEFORE plating. Choose only what you really want, rather than taking a spoonful of everything you don't dislike.

#3 Bring a healthy dish to share and make that your main portion.

#4 Fill half of every plate with veggies or salad.

#5 Use the smallest plate possible or eat off a napkin.

#6 Put munchy foods like pretzels or popcorns in a solo cup rather than on a plate.

#7 Talk shop AWAY from the food.

#8 Stay true to YOU. “Treat yourself” food pushers don’t care about your health, they just want to feel better about their own consumption.

#9 Forget FOMO, embrace JOMO(Joy of missing out--missing out on hangovers, bloating, and food babies).

#10 Walk and talk, don’t sit and quit.

#11 Have a plan in place. If good meals are in the fridge you won’t eat leftover cake for breakfast.

#12 MOST IMPORTANTLY if you do slip up or indulge…don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Turn it around immediately and make a good choice at the next meal. Avoid the “Ahscrewit” moment and save yourself from more sabotage. “Stop diggng the hole! Climb out” is what I like to tell myself.

My own personal summer survival mantra:

“I am not here for the food. I am not here for the food.”

You’re there for the FUN and socializing!

Happy summer!


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