Big Mac Potato, Springtime Teriyaki Bowl, Strawberry Dream Taquitos, & MORE

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Are you ready for your Springtime slim-down?

Eat THIS not that Meal Mentor edition:

Instead of Big Mac’s… BIG MAC POTATO (Yup! It’s back)

Whip this up for dinner tonight!

Instead of greasy Chinese take-out… Springtime Teriyaki Bowl

Also enjoy "Sausage" Gravy Grits (NEW), Lox Hummus (NEW), Pad Thai Pizza, Sopa de Fideos, and MORE!

Plus (get ready for this) Strawberry Dream Taquitos!!!

I want. Can I have it? Can I have it?


Individual Highlights:

  • Springtime Teriyaki Bowls (NEW)
  • Sopa de Fideos
  • Cauliflower Verde Bowls (NEW)
  • "Sausage" Gravy & Grits (NEW)
  • Big Mac Potato
  • Pad Thai Pizza
  • Chickpea Caesar Tacos
  • Strawberry Dream Taquitos
  • Eggplant Parm Subs

Don't miss this week's meal plan!

Pad Thai Pizzas

ALL month we’ll be serving up lighter versions of your favorite meals.

Slim on calories but never on taste or portions.

I mean, Strawberry Dream Taquitos?? ‘Nuff said ;)

Family Highlights:

  • Springtime Teriyaki Bowls (NEW)
  • Pizza Potatoes (NEW)
  • Eggplant Parm Subs
  • Sopa de Fideos
  • Cauliflower Verde Burritos (NEW)
  • "Sausage" Gravy & Grits (NEW)
  • Pad Thai Pizzas
  • Lox Hummus (NEW)
  • We Will Broc-Q Wraps

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