Thin Mint Mug Cake, Dublin Falafels, Emerald Isle Curry, & MORE!

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We’ve got your pot of gold…

The Big MACaroni!

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This week we have some MAGICALLY delicious recipes like Buffalo Rancher Burgers, Emerald Isle Curry (NEW), Irish Pub Potatoes (NEW), Rainbow Cobb Salad (NEW), and MORE!

Rainbow Cobb Salad

Individual Highlights:

  • Mama Mia! Quinoa (NEW)
  • Emerald Isle Curry (NEW)
  • Maui Teriyaki Chili
  • Irish Pub Spud (NEW)
  • Big MACaroni
  • Pad Thai Burritos
  • Rainbow Cobb Salad (NEW)
  • Thin Mint in a Mug (NEW)
  • Dublin Falafels (NEW)

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Pad Thai Burritos

Family Highlights:

  • Dublin Falafels (NEW)
  • Buffalo Rancher Burgers
  • Mama Mia! Quinoa (NEW)
  • Emerald Isle Curry (NEW)
  • Maui Teriyaki Chili
  • Big MACaroni
  • Mexicali Green Bowls
  • Polenta Grand Slam (NEW)
  • Nacho Burritos

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