Cake Batter Breakfast Bake, Greek-Style Lasagna, Springtime Pasta Primavera, & MORE!

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This week’s plan has some of our FASTEST EVER hits!

15 minutes or LESS!!

Thai Peanut Sweet Potato

Have this meal on your table in a snap!

EZ meals like Enchilada Polenta Bowls, Chickpea of the Sea Pockets (NEW), Poppin' Guacin' Tacos (NEW), Black Forest Overnight Oats (NEW), Italian Deli Paninis, and MORE!

Cake Batter Breakfast Bake

Individual Highlights:

  • Baked Chimichangas
  • Bechamel Baked Ziti
  • Chana Aloo Stew
  • Greek-Style Lasagna (NEW)
  • Chickpea of the Sea Pockets (NEW)
  • Poppin' Guacin' Tacos (NEW)
  • Thai Peanut Sweet Potato
  • Cake Batter Breakfast Bake
  • Beetza

It takes longer to wait in line at Subway.

When life is crazy, how you fuel yourself really starts to matter.

You deserve better than Subway and Chipotle and Frozen crap.

(and your schedule demands it--you need good energy!)

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Enchilada Polenta Bowls

Family Highlights:

  • Bollywood Bowls (NEW)
  • Jamaican Me Stew
  • Springtime Pasta
  • Greek-Style Lasagna (NEW)
  • Enchilada Polenta Bowls
  • Chickpea of the Sea Pockets (NEW)
  • Poppin' Guacin' Tacos (NEW)
  • Black Forest ONOs (NEW)
  • Italian Deli Paninis

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"Quick share for ya'll who might be coming back here after a wee vacation from the WFPB Life :-) I was not paying much attention (still eating vegetarian, but cheese, oil and processed food snuck back). I had lost 25 pounds last year and put back on 10+. Night sweats returned, lethargy returned and my skin was looking old. SIX DAYS back on intermittent fasting and WFPB and I'm sleeping better, skin is clearer, 4 pounds gone and I wake up before my alarm. Our bodies are truly so amazing and forgiving if we just look after them." -Carmen G.

"Well that was easy. I just kept making MM meals for myself. Husband kept stealing them. Guess who likes eating plant based now?!?? Direct happy and cheeky quote: "There is plenty in the fridge for dinner tonight unless you want to make me another one of your amazing meals." Cheers to the MM Team and Lindsay!!!!" -Annie B.

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