Burger Bites, Nacho Mac, Buffalo Tots, Mongolian Noodles, & More!

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Super Bowl Sunday is America’s 2nd biggest eating day (Thanksgiving #1)

The average household buys 6,000 calories worth of snacks per person.


But unlike T-Day, there’s no set menu…

You can score BIG w/ your crowd without feeling like a football after.

Meal Mentor is your QUARTERBACK.

Enjoy Pulled "Pork" Sliders, Buffalo Tots (NEW), Nacho Mac (NEW), Cauliflower Samosa Tacos, Tailgate Chili Bowls (NEW), Banh Mi Wraps, and MORE!

Cauliflower Samosa Tacos

Individual Highlights

  • Burger Bites (NEW)
  • Pulled "Pork" Sliders
  • Smashed Black Bean Wrap (NEW)
  • Buffalo Tots (NEW)
  • Nacho Mac (NEW)
  • Mongolian Noodles (NEW)
  • Cauliflower Samosa Tacos
  • Snickers Bar Oatmeal (NEW)
  • Banh Mi Wraps

Amp up your game-day spread with these easy-make faves!

These meals will also make you MVP every night this week.

Get the map to your victory dance right here!

Mongolian Noodles

Family Highlights

  • Burger Bites (NEW)
  • Alfredo Pizzas
  • Buffalo Tots (NEW)
  • Nacho Mac (NEW)
  • Pulled "Pork" Sliders
  • Mongolian Noodles (NEW)
  • Tailgate Chili Bowls (NEW)
  • Bagels & Chive Cream "Cheeze"
  • Caponata Wraps (NEW)

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"I decided to take the step to get the Meal Mentor membership. I'm really bad at planning my meals out and this plan always has new meal being released so I decided to take the plunge and get it. This will help a lotwith my weight loss goal and being healthy." -Amanda

"Only $32 spent on Meal Mentor plans this week! Does your shopping list only cost you $32 each week?" -Stephanie

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