Lasagna Calzones, "Tuna" Nachos, Torta Sliders, Apple Pie Polenta Bites & more!

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Good gravy! This week's meal plan is FANTASTIC!

"Tuna" Nachos (NEW!), Lasagna Calzones (NEW!), Torta Sliders (NEW!), Tahitian Rice Bowls (NEW!) and more EZ meals will make you WANT to cook!

"Tuna" Nachos

Individual Highlights

  • "Tuna" Nachos (NEW!)
  • Pasta-roni
  • Apple Pie Polenta Bites (NEW!)
  • Baked Chimichangas
  • Tahitian Rice Bowls (NEW!)
  • Vegetable Lasagna Wheels
  • Torta Sliders (NEW!)
  • Green Curry Chowder
  • Thai Peanut Pizza

Save time, money, AND feel awesome this week!

Lasagna Calzones

Family Highlights

  • Lasagna Calzones (NEW!)
  • Enchilada Burritos
  • Tahitian Rice Bowls (NEW!)
  • Torta Sliders (NEW!)
  • Green Curry Chowder
  • Harvest Wraps (NEW!)
  • Margherita Pizza Spaghetti
  • "Tuna" Nachos (NEW!)
  • Pumpkin Pie Quinoa (NEW!)

Make dinnertime one less thing to think about this week!

Torta Sliders


"This plan is amazing. I save so much time and money and it's so good and healthy!! Everyone at work is always so jealous of my food."- Laura L

"'I've been doing these meal plans and LOVE them!! Tasty, low calorie, nutrient dense, and all the planning/organizing is done for you!"- Bethany C

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