Whopperitos, Hail Caesar Pizzas, Skillet Enchiladas, Almond Joy in a Mug & more!

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Get dinner on the table FAST with this week's meal plan!

Whopperitos (NEW!), Hail Caesar Pizzas (NEW!), Skillet Enchiladas (NEW!), Bangin' Bowls (NEW!) + Hot Pockets (NEW!) + 10 more recipes throw together in 15 minutes or LESS!

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Hail Caesar Pizzas

Individual Highlights

  • Almond Joy in a Mug (NEW!)
  • Whopperitos (NEW!)
  • Mediterranean Rice
  • Skillet Enchiladas (NEW!)
  • BLTA
  • Bangin' Bowls (NEW!)
  • Casasblanca Fajitas
  • Peanutty Spring Rolls (NEW!)
  • Hail Kale Caesar Pizzas (NEW!)

Save time, money & enjoy great food this week!


Family Highlights

  • Bolognese Sliders (NEW!)
  • Thai Peanut Sweet Potatoes
  • Hail Caesar Pizzas (NEW!)
  • Backyard BBQ Quinoa
  • Bangin' Bowls (NEW!)
  • Whopperitos (NEW!)
  • Hot Pockets (NEW!)
  • Roasted Red Pepper Pasta
  • Skillet Enchiladas (NEW!)

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Skillet Enchiladas


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