Vegan Beanie Weenies, Vietnamese Noodle Bowl, 2-Minute Pizza Paninis, Mt. Olympus Stacks & more!

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Whether you need ridic easy weeknight meals OR something that will WOW the CROWD this weekend...

We’ve got you covered with this week’s *sensational* summer menu!

Enjoy these SURE-to-PLEASE EVERYONE hits: Vegan Beanie Weenies (NEW!), Broccolini Flatbreads (NEW!), 2-Minute Pizza Paninis (NEW!), Vietnamese Noodle Bowl (NEW!), Mt. Olympus Stacks (NEW!) and more!

Vegan Beanie Weenies

Individual Highlights

  • Vegan Beanie Weenies (NEW!)
  • Enchilada Bowl
  • Broccolini Flatbreads (NEW!)
  • Triple Green Quesadilla
  • Sweet Potato Waldorf (NEW!)
  • Vietnamese Noodle Bowl (NEW!)
  • Mt. Olympus Stacks (NEW!)
  • 7-Layer Vegetable Sandwich
  • APB Smoothie (NEW!)

Feel great this week with the meal plans!

Broccolini Flatbreads

Family Highlights

  • Mt. Olympus Stacks (NEW!)
  • BLT Pasta
  • Parisian Tartine (French Sandwiches) (NEW!)
  • Vietname Noodle Bowl (NEW!)
  • Broccolini Flatbreads (NEW!)
  • Green Bean-Potato Salad
  • Enchilada Bowl
  • Vegan Beanie Weenies (NEW!)
  • 2-Minute Pizza Paninis (NEW!)

Make this week stress-free with the meal plans!

BLT Pasta


"Becoming a meal plan member has given me so much peace. I quit my gym and have stopped rushing back and forth. I am able to slowly unwind at the end of my day and I no longer have to worry about what I'm going to eat now."- Autumn B

"Feeling very grateful for Meal Mentor today. I know for a fact that I'll be eating healthfully and deliciously all week, despite how insanely busy my schedule is. My stress levels are already going down!!"- Sarah B

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