Herbies of the Week: Celia & Marcus (kids made for a busy life, Meal Mentor made life easier)

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Meet our Herbies of the Week: Celia & Marcus!

Marriage is a partnership sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. Marcus is down 20lbs thanks to Celia taking the lead and showing the family the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Read Celia & Marcus' story in their own words...

My husband and I are very proud herbies! My mother introduced me to the wonderful Happy Herbivore cookbooks in 2012 while I was on maternity leave. The quick and easy meals were just what this new mama needed.

That year I made the decision to go completely plant-based and I credit the Happy Herbivore books and simple yet delicious meals to helping me make that change.

My husband at first was not a fan of my decision, however never judged and was not too interested in trying my foods. I continued to cook a plant based diet along with a SAD diet for him and my two step children.

Fast forward to today and for one year now my husband has made the change to plant based and is not looking back! He has lost over 20 lbs and no longer has high blood pressure! I have lost more than 15 and the both of us have never felt or looked any better.

Thank you Lindsay for helping us in our journey. I believe that the meal plans and incorporating more potatoes have helped me to lose even more and they're a great afternoon snack. There is no stopping us!

This picture on the left was us in 2010 and on the right celebrating our 10yr wedding anniversary in 2015!

Thank you so much Celia and Marcus for sharing your plant-based journey with us!

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