Pad Thai Burritos, Santa Fe Tostadas, Rockin' Rio Rice, Backyard BBQuinoa & more!

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If you have a busy summer ahead...

You need EZ meals that throw together between work & weeknight commitments!!

This week’s meal plan is our FASTEST EVER! MINIMAL Cooking, Quick assembly, Dinner served in 10 minutes OR LESS!

Mix and serve Backyard BBQuinoa (NEW!), Santa Fe Tostadas (NEW!), Pad Thai Burritos (NEW!), Mama Mia Italian Nachos and more!

Backyard BBQuinoa

Individual Highlights

  • Pad Thai Burritos (NEW!)
  • BBQ Ranch Pizza
  • Rockin' Rio Rice (NEW!)
  • Citrus Fajita Bowl
  • Coconut Chickpea Curry
  • Backyard BBQuinoa (NEW!)
  • Greek Tacos
  • Santa Fe Salad (NEW!)
  • Cherry Cobbler Smoothie (NEW!)

Download this week's ULTRA FAST meal plan today!

Mama Mia! Italian Nachos

Family Highlights

  • Santa Fe Tostadas (NEW!)
  • Apple Pie Hummus
  • Coconut Chickpea Curry
  • Tennessee BBQ Wraps (NEW!)
  • Mama Mia! Italian Nachos
  • Rockin' Rio Rice (NEW!)
  • Backyard BBQuinoa (NEW!)
  • Pad Thai Burritos (NEW!)
  • Gyro-Stuffed Potatoes (NEW!)

Take a mental load off this week with the meal plans!

Apple Pie Hummus


The meal plans have helped SOOOO much in terms of saving time during my super-busy weeks and on a budget.”- Sarah B

I can't say enough about how much easier it is to plan my meals around my life using the meal plans. I know my family has a great meal when I won't be home to cook and I know that it will be nutritious as well as tasty. Thank you for making dinner one less thing this busy wife has to worry about.” - Serena Q

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