Oh My Greens Ramen, Bang Bang Chickpea Wraps, Shawarma Nachos & more!

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Travel around the world in 7 days...err plates, with this week's meal plan!

Enjoy a new destination every night with meals like Oh My Greens Ramen (NEW!), Shawarma Nachos (NEW!), Aloha Bowl (NEW!), Santorini Spaghetti Squash (NEW!), and much more!

Travel time is 30 minutes or less! Bon voyage!

Oh My Greens Ramen

Individual Highlights

  • Bang Bang Chickpea Wraps (NEW!)
  • Shawarma Salad (NEW!)
  • Italian Polenta Pizza
  • Aloha Bowl (NEW!)
  • Ruby Garden Wrap (NEW!)
  • Chickpea Caesar Tacos
  • Oh My Greens Ramen (NEW!)
  • Santorini Spaghetti Squash (NEW!)
  • Blueberry Corn Cakes (NEW!)

Enjoy stress-free eats with the meal plans!

Shawarma Nachos

Family Highlights

  • "Bacon" Ranch Burgers (NEW!)
  • Shawarma Nachos (NEW!)
  • Santorini Spaghetti Squash (NEW!)
  • Aloha Bowl (NEW!)
  • Hummus & Sweet Potato Breakfast
  • Bang Bang Chickpea Wraps (NEW!)
  • Aloo Matar (NEW!)
  • Oh My Greens Ramen (NEW!)
  • Tostadas BBQ

Take a load off this week with the help of the meal plans!

"Bacon" Ranch Burgers


"I'm on my third week of the meal plans and batch cooking and I love it!! I love coming home to a variety of meals to pick from, whatever I'm in the mood for it's there and ready for me to eat! I actually look forward to dinner now."-Rachel R

"Week two of meal plans and I'm convinced it's the best investment of time, money and energy I've spent in a very long time."- Regina S

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