Herbie of the Week: Kymi (She's Lost over 45lbs & No Longer Suffers from Headaches, Stomach Aches or Lack of Energy!)

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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Kymi!

Kymi was only a vegetarian for 2-3 months before switching to a vegan diet after watching "Vegucated".

Since ditching dairy, her life has changed for the better! Not only has she lost 45lbs, Kymi no longer suffers from headaches, stomach aches and has TONS of energy!

Here's Kymi's story in her own words...

I should have been a vegetarian all my life but friends/family pressured me to at least eat chicken because I would "die without protein." I assumed they knew more than I did. I was vegetarian only 2-3 months before a dear friend asked me why I wasn't vegan and explained to me briefly that dairy/eggs still contribute to the harm of animals and suggested I watch "Vegucated". I watched it right away and I became vegan as soon as the documentary ended. I had no idea all of those horrors were happening! Once I knew it would be inexcusable to go back to dairy/eggs.

As for giving up dairy, it was easy at first because I was nauseated by the images, but with time I began to miss my favorite comfort foods and I absolutely HATED vegan cheeses! But I knew there was no turning back so I began to explore my options. OMG! Mac & Cheeze made with nutritional yeast? Yes, please!!!

The social transition was the hardest. Thankfully I had my husband (he's not fully vegan, but is slowly making the change), who wasn't quite sure about it all but loves me to pieces so if I'm happy so is he. I also had my best friend Kelsey who went vegan right after I did. Everyone else though? Lots of confusion and anger on their end, hurtful things were said and still are. They say "When you go vegan you lose weight and friends." Well that is definitely true. Slowly but surely people start disappearing from your life. But you know what? That's OK because you also make new friends who are understanding of your compassionate lifestyle. I don't understand why people feel the need to trash talk vegans when we are just doing our best to cause no harm.

Since going vegan my life has changed immensely! I have lost about 45 -50 pounds effortlessly (when before I would try to eat healthy and workout 4/5 days a week with no luck).

I also have an abundance of energy now. I used to be tired constantly, needing to nap every day. I also had headaches and stomach aches. I started wondering if I had an underlying health problem. So glad to have found this beautiful and peaceful lifestyle!

My advice for anyone transitioning into this beautiful life is to be forgiving of yourself, it takes a minute to get the hang of it all. Try nutritional yeast, it's really good! Anything they can eat, we can eat vegan! And if you are feeling weak, watch a documentary or read a book to remind yourself why you started.

Thanks Kymi for sharing your story with us!

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