Cheezeburger Casserole, Falafel'd Sweet Potato, Banh Mi Wraps, Spanish Rice & more!

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Get back on track after your Thanksgiving feast with our post-holiday meal plan!

Enjoy comforting, good for you meals like Cheeseburger Casserole (NEW!), Falafel'd Sweet Potato (NEW!), Spaghetti & "Meatballs", Bistro Beet Burgers and more!

Also on this week's plan: meal plan faves like Thai PBJs, Vegan Pho, and the Hawaii 5-0 Bowl!

Cheezeburger Casserole

Individual Highlights

  • Cheezeburger Casserole (NEW!)
  • Vegan Pho
  • Spanish Rice (NEW!)
  • Falafel'd Sweet Potato (NEW!)
  • Banh Mi Wraps(NEW!)
  • Bistro Beet Burgers
  • Enchilada Stew (NEW!)
  • Hawaii 5-0 Bowl
  • Pumpkin Latte Rice Pudding (NEW!)

Fill your fridge with these easy meals!

Falafel'd Sweet Potato

Family Highlights

  • Spaghetti & "Meatballs"
  • Enchilada Stew (NEW!)
  • Thai PB&Js
  • Spanish Rice (NEW!)
  • Bistro Beets Burgers
  • Falafel'd Sweet Potatoes (NEW!)
  • Apple Pie Hummus (NEW!)
  • Ginger Miso Noodles (NEW!)
  • Cheezeburger Casserole (NEW!)

Get family-approved meals on the table FAST!

Spaghetti & "Meatballs"


Another obligation just dropped in my lap during an already busy work week. So happy to know that I have four breakfasts and 12 lunch/dinners in my fridge ready to go for the week ahead. Yeah meal plans and batch cooking!!”- Eileen M

"The meal plans keep me on track. When I stray away from them, I end up gaining weight. I love that the ingredients are real, whole foods and are easy to find, purchase and prepare."- Andrea M

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