Taco Pizzas, Mediterranean Hummus Pasta, Orange Broccoli Bowl, & More + NEW FEATURES!

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The meal plans got a TOTAL MAKEOVER while you were out celebrating last weekend.

and the new features are EPIC.

I'm sooo excited I can barely talk...err... type.

Come see the new features + 1 minute video.

I promise the new shopping list will BLOW YOU AWAY.

annnnnd we're including more recipes each week so you'll have endless variety.

This week alone there are 9 (NINE!) NEW RECIPES to enjoy, including: Taco Pizzas (NEW!), Orange Broccoli Bowl (NEW!), Peach Bruschetta (NEW!), Mediterranean Hummus Pasta (NEW!) & SO MUCH MORE!

Taco Pizza

Individual Highlights

  • Raw Kale Salad with Peach Vinaigrette (NEW!)
  • Quinoa Nori Rolls
  • Hawaiian BBQ Tacos (NEW!)
  • Buffalo Chickpea Potato Bowl
  • Margherita Hummus
  • Orange Broccoli Bowl (NEW!)
  • Samosa Burrito
  • Peach Bruschetta (NEW!)
  • Mediterranean Hummus Pasta (NEW!)

Get the most out of your free time this summer with the meal plans!

Mediterranean Hummus Pasta

Family Highlights

  • Hawaiian BBQ Quesadillas (NEW!)
  • Buffalo Chickpea Potato Bowls
  • Breakfast Polenta Stacks (NEW!)
  • Margherita Pizzas
  • Chilled Carrot Soup (NEW!)
  • Orange Broccoli Bowls (NEW!)
  • Quinoa Nori Rolls
  • Mediterranean Hummus Pasta (NEW!)
  • Taco Pizzas (NEW!)

Make it easier on yourself this month with the meal plans!

Orange Broccoli Bowl


"When I started with the meal plans, I wasn't sure how well they would fold in to my life. At first I would pick a meal or two to make during the week, but more recently I went ALL IN. I make all my meals on Sundays and I have been sticking to only eating meal plan meals -- oh wow, I feel great! Not only do the meal plans take away one giant element of stress in my life, but the commitment of the Meal Mentor team is inspiring and the community that has been cultivated in places like the forums makes me feel so much less alone which has helped me keep a positive attitude throughout my transition."- Amy S

"My kids are loving the meal plans and I'm loving the freedom of mind I get from never wondering what I'm going to feed 6 kids 3 times a day. These plans are the best!"- Monica D

Get the meal plans and put your plan in place today!

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