Introducing Meal Mentor (The Blog, The Podcast, Forums and Community)

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Meal Mentor is a thriving (and fast growing) community of moms, dads, coeds, singles, couples, seniors and other home cooks who want to live in the fast lane but not the drive-thru.

If you want to push through plateaus, eat GOOD food, simplify your life, lose weight, and chart a course for a healthier destiny… JOIN US!

My biggest confession: I could really use some peer support.

One of the biggest challenges for me was finding a friend who “understood.”

I had the education.

I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do and WHY.

But it wasn’t happening. I was failing with my follow-through.

I WANTED to stay on track…

...but it’s hard to run laps around a track alone!

I needed a community, a group of like-minded peers to talk to.

That’s why I started blogging… and later created HH’s Facebook page… and while I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Facebook, it’s becoming more and more negative :( :(

Success is about creating a self-SUPPORTING environment…

Which is WHY I developed Meal Mentor.

A safe space without trolls and drama.

It’s a private, supportive community of like-minded individuals who will be your cheerleader when you need it.

It’s all about positivity… and PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.

We have Member Forums now (interact with 2,463 new besties) and live chats.

My favorite part is seeing all the pictures of recipes people are posting. I’m a visual person so it’s very inspiring! It makes me WANT to cook! Which is why I also created...

A community Instagram account!

Follow Meal Mentor on Instagram and we’ll follow you back!

(We also have lots of picture contests, too! Win a HH hoodie by posting!)

Meal Mentor, the blog is where you’ll get science-backed, actionable advice and expert tips for eating better (and getting over your hurdles!) in a realistic way.

Ingredient School (a new series) will debut in April too!

Meal Mentor Podcast each week I meet with a meal plan member or expert to discuss common issues and struggles we all have on our plant-based journey, and how we can make our healthy lifestyle more do-able. There’s already 7 episodes!

Listen on iTunes totally free.

Other Community Perks

In addition to the new member forums, live chats, podcast, and Instagram, there’s also a boatload of additional resources available EXCLUSIVELY to members:

  • tutorial videos
  • cooking videos
  • lifestyle guides
  • education materials (i.e. conversion tables, substitution charts)
  • master table of contents for ALL recipes
  • AND you get a bonus gift EVERY month (usually a cookbook!)

Meal Mentor Meal Plans

Part of my saving grace is always having a plan in place. Knowing EXACTLY what I am going to eat and when.

Cooking my meals ahead so I can’t stumble into temptation during my busy week is KEY.

The meal plans have made a HUGE difference in my health + sanity.

New Features!

You already know I’m OBSESSED with batch cooking LIKE A BOSS

Which is why I’ve redesigned the prep sheets… see:

Step-by-step instruction for how you too can cook everything ahead FAST.

The meal plans are also completely customizable now -- even the shopping lists!


Meal Mentor is your new online home. Your new community.


(Even if you’re not a newbie anymore, old pros still need a community.)

Research solidly backs up that two IS better than one and that you’re more likely to stick with a health routine over time if you’re part of a formal group.

Meal Mentor is that group.

Wouldn’t it be easier to stay motivated and on track if you had an army of mentors, coaches, and cheerleaders by your side?

See you on the inside!

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