Nacho Soup, Fall Ratatouille, Baked Caprese Pasta & More!

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Lots of flavorful and warming dishes are coming your way on this week's meal plan!

Nacho Soup (NEW!), Fall Ratatouille (NEW!), Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (NEW!), Roasted Chickpea & Potato Salad (NEW!, indi.), and Baked Caprese Pasta (NEW!, fam.)are not only all NEW!, but super delicious and easy to throw together!

Fall Ratatouille

Individual Highlights

  • Nacho Soup (NEW!)
  • Cinnamon Apple Sweet Potato (NEW!)
  • Slow Cooker Vegetable Stew
  • Roasted Chickpea & Potato Salad (NEW!)
  • Fall Ratatouille (NEW!)
  • Spicy Orange Broccoli & Noodles
  • Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potato(NEW!)

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Baked Caprese Pasta

Family Highlights

  • Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (NEW!)
  • Tex Mex Sloppy Joes
  • Nacho Soup (NEW!)
  • Baked Caprese Pasta (NEW!)
  • Quinoa Curry Bowl
  • Cream of Broccoli Soup
  • Fall Ratatouille (NEW!)

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Nacho Soup


"I packed on the pounds when I first went vegan and hit my heaviest. I started following the meal plans in January and I've lost 30 pounds!"- Libby W

"I love the meal plans. The recipes are so easy and make sense. No exotic hard to find ingredients." - Michelle S

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