Minimalist Monday: Decluttering Your Life! Letting Go of Emotional Baggage, Toxic Relationships, and Social Chaos to Build Your Ideal, Zen Life (Book 2!)

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Happy Valentine's Day, Herbies! It's also Lily Bean's birthday!

Seeing that today is all about love and relationships (and the baggage that comes with it), I thought today would be the perfect day to announce my second minimalist book, Minimalist Monday: Decluttering Your Life! Letting Go of Emotional Baggage, Toxic Relationships, and Social Chaos to Build Your Ideal, Zen Life.(Out later this month, pre-order it here!)

In my first minimalist book, Minimalist Monday: Declutter Your Way to a Zen Home, I wrote:

"I find most people are attracted to “minimalism” because they want to declutter their home, or get out of debt, or both, and that’s totally fine. Decluttering (and downsizing) was where I started with my own minimalist journey… BUT as I soon discovered (and I hope you do too), a decluttered home is not the same as a decluttered life. There is so much more to minimalism!"

My minimalist journey has been awesome and all-encompassing, touching and benefiting every aspect of my life: my career, my relationships, my finances, my spirit, and my dreams.

After I’d removed all the clutter from my home I realized I still had other baggage to contend with: You can’t always see emotional baggage or fear, but it’s there, causing stress and chaos around you.

Decluttering my life meant I had to face a few personal demons, make hard decisions, end certain relationships, and — gasp! — completely change careers. Yet, when I applied the principals of minimalism to my life the way I applied them to my closet, I found the same, amazing result: a zen, happy, clean space that allowed me to thrive and focus on what mattered. Everything that I said was impossible became possible when I made my priorities priorities through minimalism.

Life is short and precious. Relationships are the extent of our riches. Money and things don’t outweigh love. Isn’t this what minimalism has been teaching me?

I think we can all (very easily) get caught up in our own little world. We lose that balance. Work or careers may not even be the source. It might be our family obligations, or health obligations, or some other factor.

This book is about minimizing stress and chaos in your life so you can find your way to your ideal day, ideal relationship, ideal career — or all of the above! Minimalism (and this book) is about living with less negativity, less unhappiness, and less stress, to create space for more positivity, more fulfillment, more happiness, and more meaningful relationships.

"Everything that matters, nothing that doesn’t!" is the central core of minimalism. More zen, less chaos. Shouldn’t that apply to your life as well as your home?

Let’s get started!

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