Minimalist Virtual Party Challenge + Minimalist Book!

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So much news! I don't know where to start!

1) By popular demand I'm writing a minimalist book! It'll be here in February! (pre-order here and get the pre-order discount). (*I'm writing three total, the first one, about creating a zen home will be here in Feb.)

About the book:

I started writing about my projects on my blog under the column “Minimalist Mondays” and I’m embracing that approach in this book. I’ll share my bite-sized actions, giving you small, bite-sized projects you can work on week to week (or if you have time, do a few on a long weekend).

My story isn’t a page turner (why lie about that?) but... My hope—my goal— in sharing my story is so I can paint a picture of why I think minimalism is for all of us, and something desperately needed in today’s “consumption” world.

My life mantra is “progress not perfection” and that couldn’t be more apt here.

What matters (to me) is the results I’ve received and the benefits I’ve experienced since I embraced minimalism.

2) I'm hosting a virtual minimalist party challenge on Saturday, February 1st!

About the challenge:

The hardest part to change is starting that change. I know how many of you want to live with less, or at least, tidy up and declutter, so now is the time to make a commitment and do it with the support of the entire Herbie community!!

On February 1st, I cordially invite you to join me in a virtual minimalist party -- the kind where we clean out our closet together (or our garage, or just a drawer!). What? We can party for realsies after ;)

This journey — my minimalism — has been awesome and all-encompassing, touching and benefiting every aspect of my life: my career, my relationships, my finances, my spirit, and my dreams.

Here’s the short list of what minimalism helped me do:

  • Leave a job I hated to start a career I love. (I also work less and am more productive when I do work).
  • Disable my nasty cycle with money and debt by creating stability and a liferaft.
  • End relationships with toxic people that hurt me.
  • Check off a dozen items on my bucket list (all within the last three years).
  • My house is clean, tidy, and well organized.

For me, minimalism isn’t just about living with less any more, but also living with intention and purpose. I seek less stress and more happiness, which is why my minimalism (and this book) covers realms beyond material things and bank accounts. I find most people are attracted to “minimalism” because they want to declutter their home and that’s totally fine (this book will certainly help). “Decluttering” was where I started with my minimalism, but I soon discovered (and I hope you do too), that a decluttered home is not the same as a decluttered life.

Becoming a minimalist is easy. All you have to do is decide to be a minimalist and poof! You are. Right then in that very moment. (Welcome!) Nothing else is required to be a minimalist — just accepting that you are one and owning that new mentality, identity and ideology. It’s the journey after your decision where the real work takes place.

Everything that I said was impossible became possible when I made my priorities priorities. Which brings us to the central core of minimalism: Everything that matters, nothing that doesn’t! More zen, less chaos.

That's what the book is about -- and that's why I'm doing this challenge.

Let's do this!

In addition to getting a zen, organized space at the end -- I'm also giving participants the first 3 chapters of my new minimalist book *and* I'm going to hand out some cool prizes, too!

Lots of prizes in store for you! How's THAT for incentive?

Join the event on Facebook to get in on all the action and details.I might even do my project LIVE!

Lastly, if you're totally overwhelmed here are some ideas for smaller projects you can do on Saturday 2/1:

How to be Minimalist & Where to Start

Organize Your Closets

Organize Your Cabinets & Pantry

Declutter Your Bathroom

Email Management (How to Organize Email, Increase Productivity & Reduce Stress)

18 Things You Can Get Rid of Today

Just to avoid confusion...

As you might have heard earlier this week, it looks like I'll be delivering TWO new Happy Herbivore books this year!!

The first bundle of joy arrives in May, and the next love bug will show up in November, just in time for the holidays!

I'm really *really* excited about these cookbooks!

The minimalist book coming out next month is something else entirely -- a little pet project on the side. (I know! I really need to work less!)

Just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page :P

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