Happy Herbivore Cooking Show LIVE! (VIDEO) Cheater Pad Thai

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I'm so excited! Today is THE DAY!

My Cooking Show is happening and it's happening LIVE!

When I first announced I was starting my own cooking show, I asked the Herbies on Facebook what Happy Herbivore recipes they'd like to see me make.

Is it me, or does the Cheater Pad Thai win everything?

Never one to let down my fans ;) I'll be making the Cheater Pad Thai tonight *and* I'll be dishing up some tips for how to extend the meal, lighten the calories (or carbs, if that's your thing) and other tips!

Be sure to tune in LIVE (we're in this together!) so you can chat with me (yes, me!) and other Herbies while it's going on. If we have time, I'll field some questions afterward!

Lastly, a quick reminder that tonight's special LIVE episode will be airing on Ustream, but regular episodes will be on YouTube. (This live episode will be recorded and put on YouTube tomorrow).

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Tell your friends! Rally together! If a lot of us show up and watch the videos, who knows... maybe it'll impress a producer or Food Network ;)

See you tonight!


Well that was awesome! 700+ Herbies in the house (we actually crashed Ustream!)

You can watch the episode on Youtube:

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