This Week's Q&A: GF Baking, 4-Ingredient Cookies, Camping, Nursing Mom Meal Plan, and Chickpea Flour

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You've got questions....

Q: Love all of your delicious recipes! I was wondering if you might have a suggestion as a replacement to whole-wheat flour in many of the baked goods? (Sensitivity)

A: Thanks! Try using the gluten-free all purpose flour blend recipe in EHH and HHA. That blend was designed by a GF bakery, and it's never failed me. You can also use commercial gluten-free blends like Bob's Red Mill GF All-Purpose Blend. Whole Foods Market has their own blend and I saw a blend at Trader Joes recently, too — though I didn't scope it out to see if it was whole foods/plant-based or vegan. (Sometimes the blends use white rice flour or powdered egg, look out). Also see this post for tips on GF baking. It can be a little tricky :)

Q: I have an ingredient issue — we are on a no spend week, so it's up to what I have in the cupboard... we have oats, rice malt, cashew/peanut butter, non dairy milk, but no fat replacer... any way I can create this into some sort of cookie for my son?

A: Based on what you've listed, you might be able to pull together a version of the no bake cookies (a variation to the instant cookie dough recipe in HHC; they're only 4 ingredients). I've never used rice malt, so I'm not sure — but you could try :)

Q: I'm going on a camping trip soon. Do you have any suggestions for vegan/plant strong meals cooked over a campfire? Thx

A: Yep! Check out my previous post on vegan camping and a guest vegan camping post.

Q: Do you have an example of a daily meal plan for a nursing mom?

A: In general, nursing mothers just need to eat more calories, and many doctors recommend some additional vitamins and supplements, but otherwise, you can eat normally, just more of it. For example, a nursing mama could use our meal plans as long as she added in extra snacks and sides to increase the total calories (your doctor can advise you how much you need).

PCRM also has a great article that's very detailed about needs with a sample menu.

We've also covered vegan pregnancy and vegan nursing and breast-feeding at length on the blog; many of the articles are co-written by plant-based mamas :)

Q: In some of your recipes it calls for chickpea flour. Can you omit it or use something else?

A: Sadly, chickpea flour can't be substituted. It has a unique taste. Most supermarkets carry it these days, and it's always at a health food store or online. Other names are "garbanzo bean flour" and at Indian groceries, it may be called Besan.

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