Scott's Favorite Meals (It's His Birthday!), Breakfast Crostini, Greek-Style Pasta, Easy Ratatouille, and More!

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Happy birthday to Scott (a.k.a. Mr. Happy Herbivore)!In honor of his bday, this week's meal plans include some of his all-time faves (he is my ultimate recipe tester, after all), plus 6 (six!) new recipes on both plans! Delicious recipes like Breakfast Crostini (NEW!) and yes! that's GF bread pictured!, Easy Ratatouille (NEW!), Greek-Style Pasta (NEW!), White Bean Tacos (NEW!), Orange Couscous Salad (NEW!), Mango Gazpacho (NEW!), (did you hear me?!) and more will make you feel like it's your birthday too! 

Individual Highlights

  • Breakfast Crostini(NEW!)
  • White Bean Tacos(NEW!)
  • Orange Couscous Salad(NEW!)
  • Greek-Style Pasta(NEW!)
  • Easy Ratatouille(NEW!)
  • Mango Gazpacho(NEW!)
  • Pad Thai
  • Double Chocolate Oatmeal
  • Easy Enchilada Bake
  • Red Lentil Dal

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Family Highlights

  • Breakfast Crostini (NEW!)
  • White Bean Tacos (NEW!)
  • Orange Couscous Salad (NEW!)
  • Greek-Style Pasta (NEW!)
  • Easy Ratatouille (NEW!)
  • Mango Gazpacho (NEW!)
  • E2 Beans & Rice
  • Tex-Mex Sloppy Joes
  • Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie
  • Quick Burgers & Carrot Fries

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"I just want to Thank you again for ALL that you do for us normal people trying to eat a plant-based diet!I made your Farmer's Beans and Pasta last night and it is amazing what you can do with ingredients!You sure have a talent – and you are a blessing to people like me who have been trying to lose weight for years with no luck! I have now lost 30 pounds and am feeling wonderful since I started using your recipes. I tell everyone about HH and will continue to do so… what you are doing is so important! THANK YOU!!!"— Beth D.

"Just want to thank you for the wonderful recipes and menus. Great stuff! Even the kids are eating it and loved the Caribbean black beans and 'plantains' last night. THANK YOU for all your hard work and creativity. It is exactly what I needed to jump-start my commitment and to have some new unique ways of cooking all this yummy plant-based goodness. Just wanted to let you know how much you've helped my life!" — JulieAnna A.

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