Back to School Herbies (Part 3): How to Prepare Lunches for the Week + Bento Box & Lunch Box Examples

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After Back to School Herbies (Part 1) Snacks on the Go and (Part 2) Sandwich Ideas (Make Exciting School and Work Lunches!), Lee sent in this incredibly helpful email I just had to share (Thanks, Lee!)

Hi Lindsay, thanks for the great sandwich ideas! As we celebrate Back to School Herbies, I just thought I'd share how I prepare for each school week.

First off, a pic of the TJ's Whole Wheat Lavash crackers I make... Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Lavash, cut (or just fold and tear!) into squares and baked at 350 for about 9-10 min or until crispy. So easy, and the flavor is so good when baked! And of course whole wheat, oil, salt, and sugar free, etc. I make on Sunday and keep in a big ziploc bag for all week. I'm never buying crackers in a box again!

Next are pics of all the fruits and veggies I cut up for the week after my Tuesday Whole Foods and Trader Joe's grocery trip, and the well-stocked Herbie fridge I end up with!  I also make a double batch of HH salsa chickpeas for salads and wraps during the week.

For my 7-year-old Herbie daughter, I have a 3-ring binder of 64 school lunches (including snacks) which I choose from over the weekend and put on a chart (it works well!). My own weekly School Lunch Meal Plan! [Editorial note: Of course, you know I *also* have to plug our individual meal plan and family meal plan, too, since they always have healthy (easy!) lunches with school and the workplace in mind (a.k.a. everything is portable!) plus a calendar and shopping list! Back to Lee...]

Lastly you will see a pic of the Halloween lunch I made for Skylar last year, it turned out so cute! (Hummus pitas!)

Thanks again for your ideas, I am enjoying your Back to School Herbies series!


Thank YOU, Lee! This is so incredibly helpful and I'm jealous of Skylar's Halloween lunch... and THANK YOU for the amazing tip re: Lavish "crackers" Can't wait to make those!!


Here are more fun lunch box ideas:


Peanut-Free If your school is peanut-free, try almond butter. If you school is completely nut-free, try sunflower seed butter. A popular/common brand is SunButter (sold at Walmart and most supermarkets). 

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