The Only Plant-Based Kite Boarder on Vacation: A Guest Post from David

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A couple of months ago, I got this message from David, telling me about his first year as the only plant-based guy on his annual kite boarding vacation.

"Hi Lindsay,

I just got back from a trip to Cape Hatteras for a kite boarding vacation. There were about 20 people along on the trip. I was the only vegan in attendance.

I bought my own food and made my own meals and then joined the others after eating my meals. It was just easier that way as opposed to carrying my meal over to the other house to eat with them.

I kept my food in the bottom of fridge #2 of the house I stayed in and marked it with blue masking tape. When I needed a quick lunch, the 3 bean salad was already made and was a great instant lunch. I ate the same thing almost every day but it was fresh and good and vegan. I didn't mind a boring diet for only a one week vacation.

I feel so good to be a vegan. I was a vegetarian before and after seeing Forks Over Knives, I am a vegan going on 2 years.

Thanks for all you do."

I just had to know more about kite boarding and how David made it work on his trip, so I asked him for some more details and photos, which he is graciously sharing in today's guest post!

Hello fellow Herbies. This is a quick story about how I adjusted to being away from home on a vacation and kept my vegan lifestyle.

I am a kite boarder. That means I get pulled by a kite on water, while standing on a kite board. It’s great fun and really good exercise. Plus you can jump off the water, which is reallyfun. My jumps are only 5’ to 7’ off of the water, but some go 30’+ off of the water.

Every year, a local man rents a house at Cape Hatteras, NC and people who want to go on the trip rent rooms in the house from him. You pay him a very reasonable rent for the room for the week and $100.00 per person for food for the week, or $150.00 if you are a drinker.

This year, I agonized about the food because now I am a vegan. I decided to buy my own food and just do my own thing.

While all the others kiters ate gobs of animal protein, I bought from my preplanned food list and each day I would prepare my own meals and nobody cared. It was a great trip and it showed me that sticking to my plan allows me to keep to my diet and for some who were interested, I was an example of someone who cared enough to be different.

I kept my meals very simple because simplicity was more important for one week than variety.

Breakfastwas Pumpkin Flax Granola with Rice Milk and maybe an Apple.

Lunchwas “3 Bean Salad” with Bread or Chips and Hummus. This was such a blessing because the salad was always already made. I could come in after a morning session on the water and I instantly had lunch made and ready.

Dinnerswere a salad of Kale, Lettuce, and Cucumber. Dressing was a mix of Seasoned Rice Vinegar and Newman’s Light Balsamic. I also made an open faced Flour Tortilla with Refried Black Beans, Salsa, and Rice at each dinner meal.

Same meals every day and the monotony was not a problem. It was good food and easy to fix.


Thanks for sharing, David! You're a rock star!

What about you, Herbies? How do you make it work when you're the only plant-based person in a group?

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