This Week's Q&A (Talking Menstrual Cycle, Sugar, and Flour)

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You've got questions...

Q: I have heard that when switching to a plant-based diet, your menstrual cycle can change for a period of time while your body is adjusting to the hormones in your body re-regulating themselves.  Do you know anything about this?  I have been plant-based for 10 months now and only get my period once every couple of months.

A: I've never heard this, but I'm not a doctor. I don't see how or why a diet change would affect your hormones or affect a woman's menstrual cycle, but again, I'm not a doctor.

Not having a period is a big deal though, so if it continues (and you're sure you're not pregnant) I'd contact your OBGYN for an exam. Amenorrhea may be something that is unrelated to diet, and it can be serious. Check out this article too.

Q: Raw and vegan sugar is so much more expensive than regular sugar. Please explain that added benefit so I feel better when I'm buying it. 

A: White sugar is highly processed and contains bleach and other chemicals, raw sugar does not — and actually offers some nutrition. If you're an ethical (animal rights) vegan, white sugar is not suitable because bone char is used. 

Q: I need a flour and sugar lesson and I bet others do too. I have regular flour, whole-wheat flour, ww pastry flour, white ww flour, chickpea flour, and on and on...could you explain (generally speaking) which flour is good for what? Maybe what can be substituted for what? 

A: See this post, "Baking 911," and these posts for more specifics:

Here's a post about flour, and part 2 is about gluten-free flours(like chickpea flour).

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