Minimalist Monday: Minimalist Living, A Plant-Based Diet, and How It's All Connected (Guest Post by Marie)

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I've been plant-based longer than I've been a minimalist and when I decided to live a life of less, my plant-based diet wasn't so much as a passing thought. After all, what could my diet have to do with my choice to buy less stuff and de-clutter?

Though as time has gone on, I've realized just how interconnected these two lifestyle designs are. It isn't just that both have brought me happiness and a sort of inner peace I was longing for. No, it's deeper than that.

It's like what Jenn said in her Herbie of the Week interview:

"As my body began to heal, other parts of my life {job, relationships, etc.} started to heal, also... For the first time in my life, my body and I are on the same page, working toward common goals. And as my body gets healthier, my overall life becomes healthier, too. That is something I never expected of plants. It’s pretty cool!"

I am always quick to tell people that making the choice to adopt a whole foods, plant-based diet has had extraordinary, far-reaching positive effects. Going plant-based is, without question, the most profound and life-altering decision I will ever make.

Yet it's often so hard for me to put it into words with examples. My life has improved in so many ways — well beyond the health aspect. I'm talking my TOTAL quality of life.

In hearing Jenn's story, I knew I wasn't alone with my experiences and then I met Marie. Her story is an inspiration and an amazing example of the power of making one positive change. Getting that ball rolling.

I'm pleased to introduce Marie, so she can share her journey to happiness, health and minimalism. It's all connected, see.
"Thank you for your simple, beautiful & informative website. I have never thought of myself as a cook and used to joke that I couldn't even make a piece of toast. And until a year ago, I ate the most nightmarish diet: junk food, fast food, processed food, sugar/salt/fat. I started dieting when I was 8 and in high school, a doctor put me on Atkins. I yo-yo'd hundreds of pounds on and off, developing an eating disorder. Then the week I turned 26, I was told I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol. Something snapped and I thought, "no way, no f&%$ing way am I going to be another obese American who takes pills every day so I can keep eating Dunkin Donuts every day." I'd seen Forks Over Knives and immediately made the decision to go vegan.

Your website (specifically the Black Bean Burger recipe) was what showed me that I could really 'do this' and 'do this' for life, because I made something quick, easy & delicious with ingredients that I already had on hand. I have never encountered a health recipe that hit all of those targets. I've had success with (plant-based/vegan) pizza, tacos, ice cream, pad thai and more. I'm never hungry, I love to eat, and I've fallen in love with foods (kale and tempeh) that I'd literally never tasted in my life.

I've also really enjoyed the positive advice you give and got really inspired by your minimalist life

I donated more than half of my wardrobe to Goodwill, quit a toxic job (and went back to one I loved, for much less pay) & have stopped using my car. I quit caffeine, processed food and cigarettes — things that a year ago, I swore I couldn't live without. If I can do this — trust me — anyone can.

Results? It's been 10 months, and I've lost about 120 pounds, have completely reversed type 2 diabetes and was taken off all prescription medications for it. I have normal cholesterol/blood pressure/blood sugar numbers, have better skin, energy & attitude than I ever have before. The changes have been drastic, significant & life-saving. No pills, no surgery, just regular exercise and a plant-based, whole-foods diet.

I've also had a seriously eye-opening experience learning about factory farming and the karmic benefits of adopting a plant-based diet. I've become passionate about animal rights, and that compassion has poured into all aspects of my life. All of it, every single positive change, is due to embracing a plant-based diet, and your message has been a huge part of that.

Thank you, so much,

UPDATE:  "Thank you for posting my message on HH...I was stunned to see it when I was absentmindedly browsing blogs one early Monday at work! I also wanted to show you this most recent picture of me, 10 months vegan. The difference keeps me motivated when a budget (or even just cutting up vegetables) seems like too much %#$@ing work. It's an investment, and I'm lucky."

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