My Trip to Marshall, TX

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Recently I was in Marshall, TX for the "New Year, New You" event. It was a great weekend — I had such a good time. Here are some pictures from the event:

I had over 100 students (!!!) at my food demo.

I also gave my first-ever lecture. The topic was being plant-based in a non-plant-based world. Everyone clapped. No one fell asleep! SUCCESS! I really enjoyed giving a lecture. 

Now for some of the FOOD:

Lunch Day 1. A lovely spinach salad (complete with oil-free dressing) from Blue Frog Grill. (I picked off the nuts). It was very good. The restaurant has a special vegan/plant-strong menu year-round.

Dinner Day 1: DIY refried bean tacos with rice and corn salsa from Central Perks. Central Perks also always has a vegan menu.  

Breakfast Day 2: Oatmeal and fruit!

For lunch, I went out to eat with friends. The only restaurant open in Marshall was filled to the gills with people, so we went to a local Chinese restaurant. Everything was fried, fried, and fried — but we managed to make a healthy dish from rice, green onion, pineapple, and soy sauce. I also had some grapes and a small salad. Proof that you can find a meal anywhere! (That's ginger).

Dinner Day 2:

Salad, fruit, tofu paneer (sadly, I did not like this), a rice dish (this was good), and a barley-green beans dish (also good). 

R&R Bakery in Marshall, TX, which always has vegan cookies and muffins made special vegan, gluten-free, sugar, salt, and oil-free cookies for some of the presenters. These were magical! 

I also had the chance to work out with my friend Chad, who owns BeyondFIT in Austin, TX. Yes, Chad is plant-based — and those are meat-free muscles! He didn't become a body builder until after he became plant-based! 

Here's Colin doing his thing. It was wonderful to get to spend time with him and his wife Karen. Karen said they made my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and it was the best she had ever had in her life. I died. I also finished Colin's new book, WHOLE, and got to talk to him about it at length, which was exciting. It's a great book!! Preorder it! 

Me and Del Sroufe (author of the Forks Over Knives cookbook) judging a vegan chili-off. (I have a hard job some days!!)

And now, with all of my previous commitments behind me, I can finally settle into my hiatus

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