Why are most soy products genetically altered? Where are the ones that aren't? What are some soy alternatives?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Usually there is a non-GMO label somewhere on the box or package. With the tofu I buy locally, it says "Non-GMO" right on the box. I'm not 100% certain but I believe all organic soy products are non-GMO. There are many soy alternatives, depending on what you're looking for. There are nut and rice milks, chickpea miso, coconut-based yogurts and ice creams, daiya cheese, to name a few alternatives to soy. For some ideas on soy-free meals, check out my earlier post here. Additionally, although soy is perhaps the most known plant food for being GM, Soy is not the only genetically modified (GM or GMO) product in our food system. Corn, papaya, zucchini, yellow squash, and sugar beets can also be GM.

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