I want to make a strawberry truffle, do you have a recipe for vanilla pudding?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I don't, but I do have a recipe for banana, and chocolate, in Everyday Happy Herbivore (pg. 262), that you could try to tweek. Mori-nu tofu makes a vanilla pudding mix. All you do is blend it with mori-nu tofu and water and it makes a great pudding. (You can find their pudding packets at health stores). I want to say Jell-O's pudding packet is vegan, and can be made with soy milk. I have no idea if these things are healthy, however. UPDATE: My sister's instant butterscotch jell-o box doesn't say anything about certain types of milk not working, however her roommate's cook & serve vanilla jell-o box does say that it will not work with soy milk

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