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Shameless self-promo aside...

I've gotten a few emails and tweets asking for brand and model recommendations; plus gift ideas for foodies — so here is my list!

By the way, if you click through and purchase any of these items (or other items) on Amazon, you'll be supporting Happy Herbivore!

Knives:A good knife will totally change your experience in the kitchen! I recently purchased a Victorinox Chef's Knife, and I love it! It's inexpensive and feels really comfortable in my hand. ($27.99).

Microplane:I love my microplane zester —  It's my favorite kitchen accessory! Necessary? No. Worth the purchase? YES. ($10.75)

Pressure Cooker: I made Scott buy me a stovetop pressure cooker last Christmas because so many people were blogging about them... and then I never used it. A few months later my friend, Chef AJ convinced me to buy an electric pressure cooker. LIFE CHANGE! I use it every. single. day. It's great in the summer — no hot stove required! And when I'm doing batch cooking — it uses an outlet, not the stove! More cooking space on the stove! Woo! 

Food Processor:I have a mini food processor and a 7-cup food processor. While I managed to live without both for a year (I relied on my blender or chopping skills), having them both has made all the difference — they save me so much time!

Glass Straws: I know — a straw sounds like the lamest gift ever but I love mine and gave these out last year as a sort of "stocking stuffer." Everyone thanked me several times over. It was a popular gift. 

Cookware Set: I use Emerilware, Emeril's line of kitchen pots and pans. It's a splurge, but worth every penny! I also use this high-quality non-stick skillet for a few token dishes. I have a flat double nonstick broiler as well for pancakes. 

Finally, Nutritional Yeast: Because everyone needs a bag of nutritional yeast in their stocking!

Happy shopping!

As you know, I'm terrible about doing reviews of books and products I receive. (My 2013 resolution is to stop accepting items for review!) Anyway, for the next few Sundays, I'm going to post reviews of all the swag I receive in case you're looking for ideas or considering these options as a gift :) Check back!

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