Speaking at my Alma Mater: CofC

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I have a lot of love and pride for my undergraduate school, College of Charleston (like any good alum!), but I am especially proud that this year they're doing a theme around Eating Animals

Since Eating Animals is a required read for students, CofC has been hosting "vegan" events all year (i.e., showings of movies like Vegucated, a lecture by Jonathan Safran Foer, etc. etc.). Since I'm an alum, and a vegan cookbook author (!), CofC invited me to come back to give a quick lecture and food demo.

Here are a few pictures from my demo:

I made Everything Minestrone from EHH.

And here are my cookbooks in my college's bookstore: 

My parents also made the trip! They've been plant-based since January, and if you missed the big news: MY MOM IS OFF HER CHOLESTEROL MEDS!

After the demo in Charleston, I headed back to Greenville, SC with my parents and had a chance to meet up with some local Herbies at Coffee Underground (which has a generous vegan and vegetarian menu).

Don't worry, my "A Taste of Charleston" post is on the way too! 

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