When using a cheese substitute, do you opt out of versions with casein or whey, or if that’s all you have access to, do you use it?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Let me first say that I’m highly annoyed some soy cheeses contain casien or whey. I don’t see the point of going to all the trouble to make a soy, rice or almond-based “cheese” only to add dairy to it. Stupid. I don’t eat any foods that contain animal products, including casein and whey (esp. casein since it’s one of the biggest known carcinogens on the planet!). If it’s not vegan, I’m not eating it. My health trumps any price tag or convenience. I’m always plant-based, always. I also spent a year and a half living in remote areas where I had no access to vegan substitutes and I did just fine :) 

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