Thanksgiving-Themed Meal Plan (Plus Thanksgiving Survival Guide e-Book!)

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Just in time for Thanksgiving — this week's meal plan has a special Thanksgiving Day menu! We've also included all your favorite Thanksgiving flavors (and Fall favorites!!) throughout the week.

PLUS, we're including our handy Thanksgiving Survival Guide e-Book with menu ideas, tips for adapting your family recipes, and my personal tricks for navigating the dinner table without blowing diet goals!

This is THE plan you don't want to miss! Plus, we have pumpkin pancakes!

Individual Plan Highlights:

Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal
Pumpkin Pancakes (NEW!)
Single-Serving Pumpkin Muffin
Maple Sweet Potato Breakfast 
Beet & Sweet Potato Salad
Curried Pumpkin Lentil Soup
Acorn Squash Soup (tastes like apple pie!)
Skillet Green Bean Casserole 
Pumpkin Pie (NEW!)

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Family Plan Highlights:

Pumpkin Oatmeal
Pecan Sweet Potato Bake
Pumpkin Pancakes (NEW!)
Sweet Potato Roll-Ups
Pumpkin Hummus
Curried Pumpkin Lentil Soup
Lasagna Rolls
Skillet Green Bean Casserole
Vegetable Pot Pie 
Pumpkin Pie (NEW!)
Sweet Potato Biscuits (NEW!)

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"Loving this first week on the HH meal plan. I was skeptical about some of the recipes, but decided to just faithfully make each one anyway — and theyknocked my socks off!I think it's only a matter of time before my meat-loving husband is on board, too. Thanks!" — Melissa G.

"Lindsay, I'm eating the Moroccan lentil soup from this weeks meal plan....DELISH!!! (and 1 serving is HUGE!!) Yum! Thanks for making plant-based foodso easy and tasty  you are a lifesaver, literally :)"  Lindsay C.

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