Saturday Q&A: Talking About Mori-Nu Tofu, Gaining Weight, Portable "Work" Lunches, and Flu Season

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You've got questions...

Q: I easily drop weight when I eat healthy. Is there any way I can keep my weight consistent without going underweight and without having to change anything in my diet? 

Eat more high-calorie and high-fat foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, whole grains, dried fruits, etc. and make sure you meet your daily caloric needs.

Q: I need to have meals that can be kept in a cooler to eat on the spur of the moment without heating or with just a quick microwaving. Any recipe advice?

The meals on our meal plan address this perfectly! The majority of them (everything but the smoothies) can be made ahead and most of them don't need reheating and can be eaten "as is" without needing to be reheated. 

Q: Hey just wondering what formal education you have. I am just trying to get some advice from people already doing what I want to do before I put a bunch of money into some big education.

I have a bachelors in the classics, a bachelors in communication, and a juris doctorate (law degree). I pretty much never use my degrees in the work I do with Happy Herbivore. LOL. Oops!

Q: Do you ever get sick anymore?

As in colds or flu? Not really — and when I do, I find if I rest and get plenty of fluids, I recover in less than a day. I don't get sick for days or weeks at a time like many of my friends. I also reversed/eliminated all of my other health issues like GI problems, acne, migraines, and depression (which I didn't know I even had until I was plant-based and realized, oh hey! I'm so much happier!).

 Q: I can’t find Mori-Nu tofu. Is there something else I can use? 

A: I'm surprised your local supermarket doesn't have it. Even when I lived in a small town, my Kroger carried it. Maybe you could ask them to stock it for you :) Any Asian supermarket will also have it. 

You can also order it online, which is usually cheaper. 

As for a substitute, you can try to use silken/soft tofu in its place, but notice that the ounces are not equivalent, so you'll have to scale back rather than use the full amount in the package. 

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