How to Bake Without Greasing Your Pan

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

People often ask how to bake without greasing your baking pan or using spray oil. Most often, I suggest parchment paper  or silicone bakeware . 

Parchment paper is a heavy-duty paper that's used in the kitchen- it comes in a roll the same way aluminum foil does. It's water and grease resistant. Parchment paper doesn't allow moisture to stick to it- which means your baked goods will slide right out of the pan the same way it would had you greased or oiled the pan!

Even better? There's no clean up with parchment paper. The pan doesn't get messy or greasy. i also like parchment paper because you can remove your baked goods from the hot pan almost immediately and allow it to cool down without getting any of the residual heat from the pan.

Silicone bakeware might seem odd at first- most people are so used to metal pans. They bake evenly and allow your baked goods to cool down right in the pan. All you have to do to get your baked goods out of the pan is twist your muffin/cake/loaf will easily slide right out of the pan.

Just be sure not to overfill your silicone bakeware because it's not as 'sturdy' at a metal pan is when you're transferring it into the oven. If you're wary of using a silicone pan in the oven- just place it on top of a cookie sheet before you put it into the oven. There's also'Sil pat' which is a silicone sheet that goes right on top of cookie sheets and is non-stick. It's like a reusable piece of parchment paper made out of silicone! 

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