Enjoy Plant-Based Pizza This Week & 12 More New Recipes in Our Meal Plans!

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This week is full of delicious new recipes- like the Mediterranean Pizza pictures below! 

New in the Individual Plan:
Purple Power Smoothie
Classic Veggie Wrap
Mediterranean Pizzas
Italian White Bean Pita Pockets
Easy Tomato Soup
Red Lentil Dal with Quick Saag

New in the Family Plan:
Purple Power Smoothie
Beth's Baja Breakfast
Mediterranean Pizzas
Italian White Bean Pita Pockets
Classic Veggie Wraps
Southwestern Quinoa Salad

Get this week's new plan here. 


"I just bought the family 7 day meal planner and went straight to the grocery store with my list in hand. It was A LOT more food than I normally purchase, and as my cart got fuller and fuller I was getting nervous that this trip was going to cost a fortune. My cart was over flowing by the time I was done and I was shocked that my bill was actually LESS than I normally spend. Since I'm putting my whole family on this plan, I didn't get any meats or processed food - I didn't realize how much money I was spending on junk food!I'm excited to get started on this plan and my new healthy skinny life! Thanks so much!!"-Chris

" I am not trying to lose weight (though a couple of pounds would not hurt) but just trying to make some interesting recipes and not be a boring pre packaged meal vegan and your recipes are awesome! I will definitely be a weekly downloader of your recipes!"-Denise

Get the plan here. 

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