This Week's Q&A (Talking Soda Bread & Storing Produce)

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You've got questions and we've got answers!

Q: I have a question about tempeh. I want to like it, it looks like something I would like, but every time I try it it tastes like a soybean sponge. In one of your recipes you recommend using a "vegetable" tempeh rather than a soy. Can you suggest a brand or give me a list of ingredients to look for.

A: Most stores that sell tempeh have different types of tempeh, like 5-grain or rice or veggie. The veggie one usually has peppers and onions added with the soybeans. Lightlife makes a grain and veggie version. You can also crumble tempeh and turn it into sausage crumbles (like from Everyday Happy Herbivore) which might have a more familiar taste to ease you into tempeh.

Q: I'm wanting to make your Strawberry Cupcakes in HHC and noticed no strawberries are actually added to the batter, just as a garnish on top of baked cupcakes. Are strawberries supposed to be added to the batter?

A: You can add them to the batter if you like, but the recipe was written to only have them on top. Either works.

Q: Any tips for storing produce in the fridge? Should I wash, cut, and store in containers or leave them in the grocery store produce bags until i'm ready to use it? My crisper drawers are full and I don't want anything to go bad. Thanks!

A: We keep them in the fridge, out of the bags, until we're ready to eat/cook them. Then we'll wash & chop them. I know many people chop their produce in the beginning of the week for convenience- I don't think either way you'll have a problem- but definitely take them out of the bag!

Q: So, while Googling vegan irish soda breadsthis morning, I found one that looks awesome...and then I noticed it's YOURS! :) When you say "non-dairy milk," can I use unsweetened almond milk? (which is what we use in place of milk).

A: You can use any nondairy, almond or soy or rice or whatever. White whole wheat might work.

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