This Week's Q&A (Talking Cupcakes, Dairy & Getting on Track)

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You've got questions and we've got answers!

Q: I am desperate with myself. I used to be a vegetarian and now I started smoking(I can't believe this) and eating meat and all kinds of junk food. I don'`t know what got into me and what's wrong. I can't seem to go back to my good old ways. Any advice? My taste buds are changed I guess and I crave the worst stuff...

A: Try our meal plans. I find having a plan in place and meals always ready for you makes it much easier to transition and less likely to make poor choices. You will have to break your bad habits and develop newer, healthier ones. You will also have to readjust your taste buds. All this takes time, but cannot be done as long as you continue with bad habits. You just have to do it. Take it one meal at a time. Put your mind to it and do it.

Q: I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years and am reading as much as I can and learning about a plant-based diet. I have also been experimenting with vegan recipes (BTW, I have made several of your recipes and love them). Anyway, one of my biggest drawbacks from going fully plant-based is that I can not find a good low-fat sliced non-dairy cheese because one of my favorite things to make are grilled cheese sandwiches. Any recommendations?

There's a grilled cheese recipe in Everyday Happy Herbivore that's great (even kid approved!)- and there's also many cheese sauce recipes in HHC.

Q: I have a silly question - I haven't a cupcake/muffin pan! Can I make the cupcake recipes as a cake and will I need to adjust the temperature or baking time??

A: The temperature should stay the same, but bake time will be much longer for a cake than cupcakes/muffins. Check on it and make sure to use a toothpick in the center so you'll know if it has baked through.

Q: Question about non-dairy milk in cookbooks. Are you recommending unsweetened? or "regular" soy or almond milk that is sweetened? Sometimes it specifies and others not.

A: I recommend people find a brand and type they like and stick to it. We use unsweetened almond milk, sweetened fatfree soy milk, unsweetened rice milk, homemade rice milk, depends on whats on sale. I recommend any of the non-dairy milks, except for hemp and coconut, they sometimes alter the taste and chemistry.

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