Plant-Based Lunch Boxes

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

We have a Herbie Parents group on Facebook that is a great tool for parents who are working towards or on a plant-based diet. There's so many discussions and recipe sharing and chatting, feel free to join in!

I asked Herbie Parents what their tips for packing a plant-based lunch box are and here's what they say they include in their lunch boxes : soy yogurt cucumber slices hummus sandwiches PB&J sandwiches (check with your school, some schools don't allow peanut butter because of allergies but you can try sunflower butter!) soups pasta dishes bean burritos granola bars leftover casseroles mac n cheese dips and lots of dipper options (yogurt+graham crackers, carrots+hummus, pretzels+pb)

Some parents have also commented that they switched to small plastic containers to hold food instead of wrapping it in foil or putting it into plastic baggies. Do you have any tips for plant-based lunch boxes? What do you pack for your kids?

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