10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice

I've seen these going around on blog awards and I thought I'd join in on the fun!

1. I am adopted, even though I look like every family member.

2. I have to watch TV while I write recipes to keep myself from going insane or OCD-crazy. I often end up watching really bad reality TV because other shows suck me in too much and I forget I'm cooking.

3. There are a lot of inside jokes and little hints in my cookbooks for my close friends and family to enjoy. For example, I'm obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean so anyone who knows me really well, got a good laugh when they saw I added "Tortuga" to my rum cake's title in EHH. (You thought the recipe was really from Tortuga didn't you? ;))

4. When I graduated from law school, I had an offer to be a JAG in the Army and a Special Agent in the FBI, among other, more traditional "lawyer" jobs.

5. If I'm in a bad mood, I say the word "orangutan" (though I pronounce it like oh-rang-guh-tang) because you can't say "orangutan" and not smile. (You're trying it aren't you?) One of my high school teachers made me realize this.

6. I have OCD.

7. My best friend is a rocket scientist.

8. Nutmeg makes me hallucinate but not in a fun way. Last time I had nutmeg I was in the ocean and thought I saw a shark. I probably saw a minnow.

9. I can't carry a tune, but my one wish would be to sing opera in a fabulous ball gown in front of a packed opera house BUT I'd have to sound like Sarah Brightman(I can't watch the video without being moved to tears). I also cry like a baby when I watch Susan Boyle's audition.

10. I drive an orange car.

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