This Week's Meal Plans Are Summer Savvy!

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Our meal plans this week are summer savvy to help you escape the summer heat- we've included more no oven recipes and seasonal ingredients!

New in the Individual Plan: Chocolate-Banana Quinoa Refried Bean Tacos BBQ Wraps Mexican Bowl Yellow Dal Bow 5-Spice Harmony Bowl

New in the Family Plan: Chocolate-Banana Quinoa Strawberry Pancakes Smashed White Bean & Avo Club Chana Palak Masala BBQ Wraps Yellow & Green Dal Bowl Skillet Green Bean Casserole

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"This morning I decided to start the vegan food plan. I have to say I was hesitant at first and was wondering if the food would even fill me up. Well I must say I am so far beyond happy with these recipes! I was a little concerned that the enchiladas (which typically I would include tons of cheese and meat) might not work out for me. I was wrong wrong wrong. They were fabulous and extremely filling. This plan rocks! I cannot wait to try the other recipes."- Samantha

"I have downloaded a couple of weeks of your family meal plan in the past and I think this is great!! I have a wife and two little ones, 4&6yrs old. I am the one who cooks in the house and has to do so after work each day....I don't mind the cooking, I actually enjoy cooking but absolutely freakin' hate coming up with a meal plan. I am the type to not know what they are cooking for dinner until I am chewing on it. I am soo ADHD! ...We have spent the past week "off" of the plan and it has cost me so much money and time, especially self preservation time"- Alex

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