Herbie of the Week: James

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This week our Herbie of the Week is James.James attempted the Atkins diet and later turned to a plant-based diet and broke out of his couch potato habits.

Q: What made you decide to try a plant-based (vegan) diet? My wife, Jessica, and I watched Forks Over Kniveson January 27th, 2012. We immediately concluded that this, "low-fat, whole food, plant strong" lifestyle deserved some serious consideration and some dedicated research. We began conducting our own research, aside from the mountain of research & personal testimonies used in Forks Over Knives, we then purchased the Engine 2 Book & began our new lifestyle. Q: Did you or your wife have any health problems before? We were relatively active & are still only 29 years old so we didn't experience any major health issues. Q: You mentioned trying the Atkins diet, how did that work for you? The Atkins diet did yield results for me, but they were always short lived & much harder to achieve. We both rarely had energy. We were constipated. I got bored quickly because meat & dairy were the primary products consumed, and these are limited in variety. Q: You say you ran into a 'snag' shortly after switching diets, can you please explain? The "snag" reference is strictly sarcastic. What I was referring to was our increased energy levels. We both discovered that we couldn't sleep in, or lounge around the house. This is great news for our toddler, but we had gotten used to be couch potatoes. The final farewell to our former lives was achieved March 31, 2012 when we completed our first 5k together. Q:How did you find out about Happy Herbivore? My wife, Jessica, found Happy Herbivore on Engine 2's Facebook page. Q: Have you and/or your wife noticed any health changes since making the switch? Below is my blood test results from April 4th. This is just 2 months after starting my vegan diet.Q: Has there been any other changes in your life that you've noticed as well? I'm not sure how much it has improved, but I feel great! The nurses were shocked at how low my blood pressure and heart rate were for my height while I was there. The doctor said that it was an indication that I exercised regularly (I had no idea) We both feel great! Our skin has cleared up, our energy levels are through the roof and I have lost 35 lbs. We seem to be more optimistic. We also feel obligated to share our story so others can experience the energy and new found happiness on our journey to becoming as invincible as humanly possible :) I've included a before picture of me from December 9th 2011 Weight 245lbs, an After picture from Saturday April 7th 2012, & a picture of my wife Jessica & I after running our first 5K March 31 2012. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story!Thanks, James!

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