A Vegan Taste of Maine

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After Montreal we headed to Maine.

Our first stop was a small town (population: 600!) that's a popular stopover for AT hikers. Within my first hour there I saw a moose, a turkey cross the road AND there was a baby turtle the size of my big toe outside my door! I like to think the animals were welcoming me. LOL

looking out from pourch at lake

While we were settling in, I noticed our lake house was next door to the lone restaurant in town, which was also the local bar, the local hotel AND the local laundromat. (Now THAT is what I call multitasking!)

We decided to pop over for dinner and see what they had. I found a salad on the menu called "New Wave" which could be vegan if I left off the cheese and chicken, so I ordered that, plus grilled pineapple which I'd seen elsewhere on the menu. It was delicious!

vegan new wave salad with grilled pineapple

As we were getting ready to leave, the owner-inn keeper-chef came over and asked if I had a dairy allergy, or was I vegan. I couldn't believe it! I stood up a little taller and said "we're plant-based... vegan."

She gives a gorgeous bright smile and says "Oh I just love cooking vegan. Are you in town for a while? I'm actually doing a special vegan menu for some guests on Thursday."

I was sold (and excited!)

vegan sushi with spinach

half eaten wild rice and beans on a plate

We returned on Thursday. She served vegan sushi, though it was unlike any sushi I've ever had: made with spinach, refried beans and other fixin's you wouldn't think of, but it was perfect. She also had a lovely wild rice and bean dish plus lemon sorbetto.

vegan lemon soretto in a wine glass

vegan fiddleheads

The fiddleheads were also vegan that evening and having heard so much about them, I finally decided to give them a try when someone else ordered them as an appetizer at our table -- they're a lot like asparagus!

After our little town adventure, we went south to Portland, Maine. I'd heard several good reviews for the Green Elephant, and knowing how much I love elephants -- and the color green, it seemed like destiny.

The food was exceptional and I think they must have the kindest, friendliest, most attentive staff on the planet.

vegan spring rolls

vegan spring green rolls

I ordered two appetizers for dinner -- their fresh spring rolls which were outstanding, and another fresh spring roll (or shall I say "green roll") which was made of collards, mango, carrots and purple cabbage with a hoison dipping sauce. YUM YUM and so refreshing & healthy! I also had a vegan thai iced tea :) Who says you can't eat clean and healthy in a restaurant?

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