A Vegan Taste of Montreal

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

Before we left Montreal, Scott & I made a trip to Aux Vivres. I've been to a lot of vegan restaurants in my travels but I've never been to a restaurants as busy as a NYC vegan restaurant outside of NYC, until now. Aux Vivres was crazy busy and I loved that excited energy.

We started with the cornbread which was good, but the dipping sauce was OUTSTANDING.

I ordered the tempeh burger (which was okay) and Scott ordered the Aux Vivres burger (which I tried a bite of) and it was delicious. We also ordered dessert, of course.

I picked the brownie which tasted just like the brownies my mom used to make in my prevegan days. Scott ordered a banana-chocolate pie, which I didn't try, but he loved, especially since it had a nut crust.

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